Monday, March 09, 2009

It stops here

In kindergarten we wanted to be like those who went to Primary school.

In Primary 2 we thought those in Primary 6 were beyond cool.

In Primary 6, we couldn't wait to wear the different coloured uniform we would don the following year.

In Form 1 we wanted to be promoted to Form 3 (cos they knew so much more than us).

In Form 3, Form 5 was the place to be (cos then we could start driving).

In college, it seemed like even the cleaning lady knew more than me. Actually she did.

Then disaster struck.

In my final year of uni, it was... it seemed... that the juniors knew more than me!

It never stops. It will never stop. Everyone seems to know more than the next person. Everyone else seems to have had experiences you haven't had. Everyone else seems to have a more superior view and opinion to the way things should be run. It gets quite overwhelming knowing that you do not know so much. So how do we get out of this horrible destructive cycle of being shown up for what we do not know?

By admitting. Confidence is hardly about pretending to know what you don't know.

By learning. Humility and Confidence go hand-in-hand; are you humble enough to ask? Are you confident in yourself enough to learn?

By asking, "Teach me?"

The tables are turned.


Anonymous said...

Tonight I came across the victim of a hit-and-run. He was a tortoise.

His shell was broken and in that gape, I saw a mess of bloodied flesh. Still he struggled to crawl. When we picked him up, he weakly tried to shrink into his broken shell.

And my heart broke too.

This amazing lady, she insisted on putting him in her car. She said she'd call the SPCA or the vets, get him help or be put down humanely. Or at the very least, he wouldn't have to "die with ants biting him". And I watched this lady drive off into the evening with the tortoise.

An anonymous curbside saviour.

Brave little tortoise. I hope you're somewhere happy and safe now.

Mistaken Identity

ys said...

ALfred Von Hayek theorized that society was built not on knowledge per se, but the knowledge that we are ignorant. The realization that individuals come to, that they as individuals cannot comprehend all knowledge, consequently allows them to realize that they need each other. And upon that lies the foundation of civilization as we know it.

Me thinks to find one's place in the scheme of things, we must rest in the knowledge in the unknown, as the unknown to us is knowledge to the rest. So yes we should admit, learn and in humility cry "help", but the cycle of ignorance should neither be horrible or destructive, we are after all, finite human beings, joined by the unknown =)