Monday, March 02, 2009

I know... I know...

Sometimes the reasons for the things I do are completely baseless except that they make me laugh. I bought a "how to understand women" type of book, directed to men titled, "Finding the Right Woman for You" because some of the pointers inside are so true in a funny way (although true in all its seriousness as well) that they made me crack up. After buying the book, I shared my glee with the rest of the SMACC2 population. Understandably, the feminist will shriek and tear at her hair and say, "No way! Never!"

These are my top 10 favourites.

Because women view men as knights in shining armour, women expect men to know some things that we do not, like parking, fixing the car, moving furniture and rewiring the house (emphasis my own). The savvy man who is well-rounded, with knowledge on various subjects, is exciting to a woman. Therefore be well-read, if not experienced.

When a man is unstable or unsettled concerning his career or what he wants to do with his life, it makes a woman nervous. If she is nervous, she cannot relax and entrust her heart to his hands.

A man who is strong spiritually, sure of his purpose and actively working toward the fulfillment of his destiny is the sexiest man on earth to a woman.

A woman who is fruitful in her endeavours and successful in her business is an asset to a man. Be secure enough to celebrate her accomplishments because you will reap from them as her partner.

A man who takes charge earns a woman's respect. Once you have her respect, you can earn her love. If you lose her respect, you lose her love.

A woman is just as fearful of rejection as a man is. When a man does not keep his word, even in the small things, it ruptures her trust.

If a woman cannot trust you, she will not release her heart to you.

Though a woman likes a man who is exciting, keeping her off-kilter by being emotionally elusive will make her anxious. Be a man of your word.

Initially, a man's appearance is just as important to a woman as her appearance is to him. After that, it is what you say and do that bears more weight.

Every woman wants a man to woo her, pursue her, and win her hand. It speaks volumes about her value in his eyes.

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