Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hmmm hungry

I've been eating the whole day.
For breakfast I had... 5 pieces of lekor
and BIG fried rice with BIG coffee in Batman mug.
Then got given Kit Kat bar... which I ate.
Then had strawberry cream sticks.
Had crisps before lunch.
Had chicken rice and ice lemon tea for lunch.
Had BIG milo after lunch.
Had lamb chop for dinner with FRIES and more tea.
Had Snickers bar for dessert.
Am STILL hungry.
WHAT"S wrong???????
Maybe I have worms... :(


Leo said...

It's called.... PMS. LOL! Same here with chocs now.

Anonymous said...



siewwan said...

Oh, am i that culprit that contributed the strawberry cream sticks?