Thursday, March 05, 2009

Days and Nights

Sometimes it feels like I can't wait for whatever it is I'm doing now to be over so that I can run off to my next activity. Sometimes it feels like whatever it is I'm doing now will help me be stronger and better for my next activity. Isn't the journey more important than the destination? It had better be since I change my destination every other day.

Sometimes I feel I'm ready.

But often, I feel I'm not, hence the need to dive in, to live on the edge.

If I didn't need to live on the edge, I probably won't.

If I choose not to live on the edge, I had better be ready.

To choose "not to", is to choose not to walk down a path that could either bring much joy or much sorrow.

It doesn't apply to every circumstance, but for me, even when the path brings much sorrow, there is bittersweet joy knowing I took that dive, that leap, that step off the edge.

Sometimes I'm ready for anything.

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