Sunday, March 15, 2009

D is for Daring

"We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves to be like other people." Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher.

I received a present on Friday. It told me that I should be daring in dreaming and dream to be daring. In fact the whole book was saturated with motivational speech about what it could mean to look at the bigger picture in our lives and not concentrate on the dreary rat race before us where no rats can even distinguish rat from rat because they're all too tired and zonked out to know what they're running for anymore.

My first thought after reading it through was, "Okay, yeah. I've read my share of motivational books. This is... you know... pretty good and thought provoking and it's brought up a lot of issues I've been trying to bury in an attempt to be content but... it's not going to change anything." I put it on my shelf, happy with another book in my collection.

The next day (Saturday) on MSN, I was chatting with Lok (he's living in Spain eating nachos at the moment) who, whilst we were talking about dreams and futures, suggested that I be daring. That struck me like a bolt. Imagine me slowly and deliberately typing, "You know what happened yesterday...?" I then brushed it off, laughing that if I got told to be more daring one more time, I would take it as a sign from God.

Even Moses was given 3 signs to show the Israelites because God knows the type of people He has created.

Today. Whilst at Sunday school, learning to twist coloured balloons into horse and flower shape of all things... as I flipped through the various pages, one of the diagrams neatly folded over. There was a sharp intake of breath followed by a giddy sense of air-headedness as I read the name the book had given the orange balloon construction before me, 'Daring dog.' Daring.

Now as I sit trying to figure all this out and where I go from here and what direction this may take me to, I am content. Not because I am trying to be happy, trying to be someone else or be something else. There are responsibilities I have but I now feel free, as if I have been given the green light to blow up the box because it was getting hard to think outside it.

"Don't let someone else create your world, for when they do they will always create it too small."
Edwin Louis Cole, Founder of Christian Men's Network

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