Friday, March 27, 2009


On Sunday I didn't have a clue that the following week would be as cheerful as a wet hen. Abby, I refuse to believe that it was the salted egg squid that did this to me!

On Monday I was a pain to be with because I had a migraine, was miserable, snappy and spent some time with my head down the loo. I thought if I skipped Theology class and went straight to bed I'd be ok in the morning. Wrong.

On Tuesday, I lost my voice and did not partake in the mini curry puffs always served at the KL Bar seminars (I usually have 3).

On Wednesday it got worse; I refused chocolate.

Thursday I called in sick. My head was stuffed up, my brain was a revolting mess and my whole body was clammy. An hour later I remembered there was urgent work due that day so I dragged myself out of bed and went to work anyway. After completing the work, I went to the Doc who gave me 2 days off (because Shearn doesn't practice half days off) and I went home after doing some official paper stuff at the Bar Council. It was raining heavily and I got showered with dirty water from 2 passing cars.

Friday. I think I'm ready to die. Woke up at 1pm. Had to pull out of a weekend trip to Kampar. Very upset about it because was looking forward to chicken biscuits. Drinking water like a horse but everything is still sticky and dry. If I gurgled the cough syrup I'd just be branded a druggie.

I wonder what it'll be like tomorrow.

At times like these, I miss having a home. London is home. Kuching is home. It seems like KL has not quite reached 'home' status yet. You only really discover the true character of people or things during the worst of situations.

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Anonymous said...

babe, im always here for only a call away...let me know if u need anything ok? -audrey