Monday, March 30, 2009


I was going to link You Tube here and show you my favourite song and then realised I had too many to choose from! I'll just list some of my all time favourites here in the hope that someone will burn them all for me onto a CD as the ultimate 25th Birthday present :D *HINT*HINT*

1. Beauty & the Beast - Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson
2. Blue Eyes Blue - Eric Clapton
3. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
4. You Look Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
5. Earth Song - Michael Jackson
6. Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
7. Life is a Journey - Richard Marx & Donna Lewis
8. Kiss from a Rose - Seal
9. Go the Distance -Michael Bolton
10. I Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters
11. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses
12. Somewhere Out There - Linda Rondstadt & James Ingram
13. The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John
14. Superman - Five for Fighting
15. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
16. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling
17. One in a Million - Bosson
18. Nobody Wants to be Lonely - Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin
19. Will You Be There - Michael Jackson
20. Love Story - Taylor Swift

Bonus Tracks :p

21. Only a Woman Like You - Michael Bolton
22. Eternal Flame - The Bangles
23. Three Times a Lady - The Commodores
24. Four Seasons of Loneliness - Boyz II Men
25. Dancing in the Street - Martha & the Vandellas/ The Mamas & The Papas/ David Bowie/ Van Halen (any version really!)

Some boy *ahem* bands I won't list in my CD (in a last minute attempt to maintain my cool status) are 98 degrees (smile), N'Sync (bigger smile), 911 (scream), Westlife (screeaam), Boyzone (screeeeaaaaammmmmm)....... and Kavana (I can't believe I'm admitting this in public but there was just this irresistible mesh of eyelashes and piano).

If more than one person takes me up on this offer I'll just have x2 of my all time favourites!

Ping Pong aka Hup Seng Crackers

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Forget apam balik or ss2's Uncle Chicken. Forget sardine with bidin or salted egg squid. Forget Oreo McFlurry, Kuching's Jumbo fried rice, mee pok, Kampar chicken biscuits or Kowloon Bakery's chestnut cream swissrolls or sweet buns. Forget even guava juice and Hui Sing's cha mee. What I really want right now is Milo and Ping-pong biscuits.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsoon season

The rainy season has been a blast so far. We've had thunderstorms almost every other day, complete with cracked lightning and ankle deep puddles (waist high in some places). Some days I like to do nothing else but watch the rain pour down or watch the wind blow it in any direction or send trickled streams across the window pane.

Many see the rain as a necessary inconvenience, something that should only happen when people are not busy rushing around trying to finish their daily chores. Many regard God in the same light. Many see God as someone who should let people do their own thing until the day they die and then welcome them with open arms into His golden palace because they've lived such full and fulfilling lives making a name for themselves. Some people just don't get it

It's nice to have such heavy rain. It shows people up for who they really are. A plane in a thunderstorm. A ship in a squall. Why are people afraid when faced with awesome Nature? Because deep down they know that their man-made devices are flawed and a mockery in the face of Reality. In the face of a Creator who controls these extremities. A Creator they are trying to run from. Hide from. Trying.

Sometimes it's funny to see people run helter-skelter from a few drops. It's only rain. If you're so scared of a little drop, what are you going to do when Jesus returns? Really.

I like the rain. It drowns out the nonsensical voices that only know how to spout rubbish and washes the air clean of the stink the voices leave behind. Bring on the rain.

Friday, March 27, 2009


On Sunday I didn't have a clue that the following week would be as cheerful as a wet hen. Abby, I refuse to believe that it was the salted egg squid that did this to me!

On Monday I was a pain to be with because I had a migraine, was miserable, snappy and spent some time with my head down the loo. I thought if I skipped Theology class and went straight to bed I'd be ok in the morning. Wrong.

On Tuesday, I lost my voice and did not partake in the mini curry puffs always served at the KL Bar seminars (I usually have 3).

On Wednesday it got worse; I refused chocolate.

Thursday I called in sick. My head was stuffed up, my brain was a revolting mess and my whole body was clammy. An hour later I remembered there was urgent work due that day so I dragged myself out of bed and went to work anyway. After completing the work, I went to the Doc who gave me 2 days off (because Shearn doesn't practice half days off) and I went home after doing some official paper stuff at the Bar Council. It was raining heavily and I got showered with dirty water from 2 passing cars.

Friday. I think I'm ready to die. Woke up at 1pm. Had to pull out of a weekend trip to Kampar. Very upset about it because was looking forward to chicken biscuits. Drinking water like a horse but everything is still sticky and dry. If I gurgled the cough syrup I'd just be branded a druggie.

I wonder what it'll be like tomorrow.

At times like these, I miss having a home. London is home. Kuching is home. It seems like KL has not quite reached 'home' status yet. You only really discover the true character of people or things during the worst of situations.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not again

I'm mighty sure a certain EB has had enough people write about and/or sing praises about him and although I'm not one to enter into conventional behaviour, I really needed to get this out of my system... he looks like my Form 5 Physics teacher albeit a taller, stockier version.

Not that that statement had anything to do with singing praises.

Unless you dig my Physics teacher.

In furtherance to that point (just using annoying law jargon to annoy people who think I'm that shallow), my Physics teacher probably wouldn't couple a pair of faded jeans with a Kamunting T-shirt. I might have paid more attention during class if he had.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


X: Eh, you free or not?

Y: So-so lah. Why? You want go out ar today?

X: Can lah. So boring here mah.

Y: Then invite who? Do what?

X: Go makan lor. Chak fun can right? Invitelah anyone.

Y: Hah? Go out chak fun only meh? Nolah, go movielah.

X: Can also. Watch what? Dragonball want or not?

Y: I see oledi. Watch Street Fighter lah. That Chun Li very hot wan.

X: Haiya you, see chabo only. Okaylah see Street Fighter. Only us ah?

Y: Invite lorr A, B C....

X: Okay, okay. I call. You go book ticket. Sit far back back kay? Sit so far front later neck pain.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art of the pout

Some days, a little bit of lippy can
bring to the surface what is already inside,
let others see what you've known all along
and gloss over the nasties of the day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I do love to smirk!

I verily believe that the habit started when I was too young too know what smirk even meant.

Now it is no less a habit than it is an almost permanent fixture on my face!

You know when your smirking has reached legendary status when your friends feel your Wii mii is incomplete without a smirk.

But sometimes, I find myself the subject of someone else's smirk... it's not half as bad.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

D is for Daring

"We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves to be like other people." Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher.

I received a present on Friday. It told me that I should be daring in dreaming and dream to be daring. In fact the whole book was saturated with motivational speech about what it could mean to look at the bigger picture in our lives and not concentrate on the dreary rat race before us where no rats can even distinguish rat from rat because they're all too tired and zonked out to know what they're running for anymore.

My first thought after reading it through was, "Okay, yeah. I've read my share of motivational books. This is... you know... pretty good and thought provoking and it's brought up a lot of issues I've been trying to bury in an attempt to be content but... it's not going to change anything." I put it on my shelf, happy with another book in my collection.

The next day (Saturday) on MSN, I was chatting with Lok (he's living in Spain eating nachos at the moment) who, whilst we were talking about dreams and futures, suggested that I be daring. That struck me like a bolt. Imagine me slowly and deliberately typing, "You know what happened yesterday...?" I then brushed it off, laughing that if I got told to be more daring one more time, I would take it as a sign from God.

Even Moses was given 3 signs to show the Israelites because God knows the type of people He has created.

Today. Whilst at Sunday school, learning to twist coloured balloons into horse and flower shape of all things... as I flipped through the various pages, one of the diagrams neatly folded over. There was a sharp intake of breath followed by a giddy sense of air-headedness as I read the name the book had given the orange balloon construction before me, 'Daring dog.' Daring.

Now as I sit trying to figure all this out and where I go from here and what direction this may take me to, I am content. Not because I am trying to be happy, trying to be someone else or be something else. There are responsibilities I have but I now feel free, as if I have been given the green light to blow up the box because it was getting hard to think outside it.

"Don't let someone else create your world, for when they do they will always create it too small."
Edwin Louis Cole, Founder of Christian Men's Network


I should have taken you up on that movie offer. Remind me the next time you come asking.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am the person who randomly texts to see how you're doing. And then texts/ Facebooks/ pokes/ MSNs/ calls if you don't reply within 24 hours and I don't know where you are and am under the mad (and thankfully always wrong) presumption that you're lying in a ditch somewhere... or are getting mugged... or just got into a road accident... or worse. Sometimes, the erratic part of me calls just to make sure my friend hasn't committed suicide :(

In my mind, the least of my problems would be you ignoring me (for whatever reason) but because I'm a narcissist, I never think you actually want to ignore me even though I always think of the possibility of you ignoring me :p

Sometimes if I think you've been kidnapped and the kidnappers have barred my number after freaking out when I texted the first time asking how you were, I would call someone else to call you. Just to make sure. Then maybe the kidnappers would let you go cos they would be too scared to deal with all these crazy friends who call for no reason.

Who cares if you don't like me to hang around? When was a two-way street ever a pre-requisite for caring?

Albeit in a paranoid sort of way.

I don't have much. I have my heart. It's for you.

When I see funny books I think of you. When I see teacups and orange teapots and elephants I think of you. When I see pink and purple and green and brown and orange I think of you. When I think of food I think of you. When I want a hug no one else can give, I think of you. When I see Gucci and Kenzo and Ben&Jerry's I think of you. When I see Rudyard Kipling, Wordsworth and Byron I think of you. When I hear people speaking Japanese and imagine ice skating I think of you. When I see mega-large sunglasses and Audrey Hepburn I think of you. When I see wooden carvings, exotic jewellery and beaded ornaments, I think of you. When I see seashells and tortoises and printed paper I think of you. I can go on all day.

I think of you everyday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hmmm hungry

I've been eating the whole day.
For breakfast I had... 5 pieces of lekor
and BIG fried rice with BIG coffee in Batman mug.
Then got given Kit Kat bar... which I ate.
Then had strawberry cream sticks.
Had crisps before lunch.
Had chicken rice and ice lemon tea for lunch.
Had BIG milo after lunch.
Had lamb chop for dinner with FRIES and more tea.
Had Snickers bar for dessert.
Am STILL hungry.
WHAT"S wrong???????
Maybe I have worms... :(

Monday, March 09, 2009

It stops here

In kindergarten we wanted to be like those who went to Primary school.

In Primary 2 we thought those in Primary 6 were beyond cool.

In Primary 6, we couldn't wait to wear the different coloured uniform we would don the following year.

In Form 1 we wanted to be promoted to Form 3 (cos they knew so much more than us).

In Form 3, Form 5 was the place to be (cos then we could start driving).

In college, it seemed like even the cleaning lady knew more than me. Actually she did.

Then disaster struck.

In my final year of uni, it was... it seemed... that the juniors knew more than me!

It never stops. It will never stop. Everyone seems to know more than the next person. Everyone else seems to have had experiences you haven't had. Everyone else seems to have a more superior view and opinion to the way things should be run. It gets quite overwhelming knowing that you do not know so much. So how do we get out of this horrible destructive cycle of being shown up for what we do not know?

By admitting. Confidence is hardly about pretending to know what you don't know.

By learning. Humility and Confidence go hand-in-hand; are you humble enough to ask? Are you confident in yourself enough to learn?

By asking, "Teach me?"

The tables are turned.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Days and Nights

Sometimes it feels like I can't wait for whatever it is I'm doing now to be over so that I can run off to my next activity. Sometimes it feels like whatever it is I'm doing now will help me be stronger and better for my next activity. Isn't the journey more important than the destination? It had better be since I change my destination every other day.

Sometimes I feel I'm ready.

But often, I feel I'm not, hence the need to dive in, to live on the edge.

If I didn't need to live on the edge, I probably won't.

If I choose not to live on the edge, I had better be ready.

To choose "not to", is to choose not to walk down a path that could either bring much joy or much sorrow.

It doesn't apply to every circumstance, but for me, even when the path brings much sorrow, there is bittersweet joy knowing I took that dive, that leap, that step off the edge.

Sometimes I'm ready for anything.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I know... I know...

Sometimes the reasons for the things I do are completely baseless except that they make me laugh. I bought a "how to understand women" type of book, directed to men titled, "Finding the Right Woman for You" because some of the pointers inside are so true in a funny way (although true in all its seriousness as well) that they made me crack up. After buying the book, I shared my glee with the rest of the SMACC2 population. Understandably, the feminist will shriek and tear at her hair and say, "No way! Never!"

These are my top 10 favourites.

Because women view men as knights in shining armour, women expect men to know some things that we do not, like parking, fixing the car, moving furniture and rewiring the house (emphasis my own). The savvy man who is well-rounded, with knowledge on various subjects, is exciting to a woman. Therefore be well-read, if not experienced.

When a man is unstable or unsettled concerning his career or what he wants to do with his life, it makes a woman nervous. If she is nervous, she cannot relax and entrust her heart to his hands.

A man who is strong spiritually, sure of his purpose and actively working toward the fulfillment of his destiny is the sexiest man on earth to a woman.

A woman who is fruitful in her endeavours and successful in her business is an asset to a man. Be secure enough to celebrate her accomplishments because you will reap from them as her partner.

A man who takes charge earns a woman's respect. Once you have her respect, you can earn her love. If you lose her respect, you lose her love.

A woman is just as fearful of rejection as a man is. When a man does not keep his word, even in the small things, it ruptures her trust.

If a woman cannot trust you, she will not release her heart to you.

Though a woman likes a man who is exciting, keeping her off-kilter by being emotionally elusive will make her anxious. Be a man of your word.

Initially, a man's appearance is just as important to a woman as her appearance is to him. After that, it is what you say and do that bears more weight.

Every woman wants a man to woo her, pursue her, and win her hand. It speaks volumes about her value in his eyes.