Monday, February 09, 2009

Chap Goh Meh

Another day of firsts.

So I didn't throw an orange (or pomelo) into the Klang River, but I did ride an ostrich and received a certificate for it!

Fed ostriches. It feels like a large pair of pliers when they jab at the corn in your palm. I think they will make very efficient guard dogs. I didn't see even one bury its head in the sand.

Fed very smelly goats. I wished I had 6 goats.

Saw a nanny-goat give birth and deal with the kid and afterbirth. Was completely mesmerized. Was extremely annoyed when people started taking PHOTOS of it and even had the audacity to use flash!

There was a pony tied to a tree and I wanted to take it home cos it looked so pitiful. I bought an extra cup of feed for it. Maybe I'll save up for a pony instead of a car.

I bought a wooden doorstop that looked like a carved horse head.

I want a farm.

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