Friday, February 06, 2009


Do not read if you're already having bad day; do read if you want to cry after having bad day.

Do not read if you don't want to remember your dog(s) who died; do read if you want closure.

Do not read if you're going to tear it apart as a literary work; because then people who read it for its heart will tear you apart.

If you made a nice warm cup of drink before reading it, finish the drink quickly because after reading, crying, crying some more and crying again, your drink would have turned cold.

Not to read with dog-lover in public lest dog-lover ends up crying uncontrollably and you end up embarrassed... unless you don't mind.

If dog-lover has read it within the last day or two, please understand that dog-lover will be emotionally affected and thus will either snap unreasonably or burst into tears, also unreasonably.

Having said that, the snap may just as well have been for your obnoxious behaviour.

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