Friday, January 09, 2009

Planned randomness

I wanted to have some planned randomness yesterday but the plan fell through so I randomly took an early night's rest.

I wanted to have some planned randomness this evening but my chill out gang(s) are ALL at Bible studies around KL and PJ so now I'm having a random conversation with my friend Phil about Syrian food.

I was randomly sick yesterday so headed to MidValley to buy medication, randomly found out my friend Jay Mi was going to have her short call today, so randomly called Tze, picked up a huge box of chocs and got him to put it on her desk at work so she would have a surprise. Flowers that wilt after 4 days cost like RM125!! Totally not worth it.

Tomorrow, more planned randomness. I'm going horse riding.

I like planned randomness. Plan some for me. If I can make it, I'm game.

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