Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My brother in Malay costume (right) playing with Chinese lanterns last Mooncake festival. For some reason I felt awfully proud when I saw this photo (not that it takes much for me to be proud of my not-so-little bro), perhaps more so because of certain people making race a dumping ground for politics and an excuse for ill-thought-of legislation. I believe that our racial identity is something we ought to be proud of, by which I don't mean succumbing to xenophobia but rather in embracing that we are different we find a common goal to contribute constructively to this country of many skins. Having said that, I'm still a banana although, having moved to KL, I have picked up the following Cantonese words:

Kau tim - done. Kan chiong - frenzy. Any amount prefixing 'poon' - whatever and 50 cents. Mm koi - thank you. Kai fun - chicken rice. Kai chee peng - Chicken Biscuit.

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