Friday, January 16, 2009

Market nights etc

It appears that the group dynamics of my various hangout buddies are about to change very soon... if they haven't already. I usually do one of several things when it happens.

Ignore it and hope it'll go away.
Begrudgingly accept it with resignation.
Lift a brow and smirk.
Blow raspberries at it.
If it encroaches on 'personal' territory, engross myself in some random activity to take my mind of it (and develop skills in the meantime :p).

As Michael would say, I still have my books, of which I bought 10 more today;

3 being about dogs,
2 on horses,
1 on feminist legal theory,
1 being classical literature,
1 on business sense,
1 on publishing and
1 being a true story which, in the movie version, starred Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood. Go figure.

Oh, and of the 10,
1 was a copy I already have... in softback. The importance of a book is defined by whether you have it in either multiple copies, commentary and annotated form or hardback.

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