Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Labour of love(ly chocolate)

The last time I started work, coloured paper and highlighters got me in a frenzy. Click here to hear the chagrin in my chirp. So the shirts and slacks and heels and polite smiles are not as bad this time around as it was the last time and highlighters certainly don't excite me as much as they used to. Embarrassingly today I was too busy in the library to collect the weekly supply of stationery from HR so we in the pen will have to make do with what we have for another week.

I still wish I could go to work in pyjamas, wake up at noon and feel like my work is impacting something, someone, somewhere, somehow. But because none of the aforementioned has happened yet (or not to my knowledge anyway), I'm sitting here... eating... a lot... of chocolate. Oh dear. Oprah's personal trainer says that people like Oprah (and I) only eat when something in our life is unbalanced... because we're addicts... addicted to food.

Crikey it'll be awful to be disillusioned at 25...

*Ahem* make that 24 and a bit.

Haiya, so little faith!

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