Thursday, January 08, 2009


Ah, it's been a week and I am sticking to my New Year's resolutions so far. Little wonder I fell ill *ah-chooo.*

It's not worth anything if it doesn't cost, eh?

Having said that, I muttered, "Stupid Guardian," when the lady at the KL Sentral Guardian pharmacy told me that their pharmacist had gone home at 5.30 so I couldn't buy my meds. If I were in a worse condition, I would have just sat by the main stairs in the station hub, looking mournfully at passers-by, as if doing so could turn them into Guardian pharmacists.

I need a hug but at risk of contaminating my virus I suggest you keep away.

Don't worry.

The smell of Vicks vapour rub and hong iu and tiger balm and incessant and perpetual pout will remind you I'm around.

In any case, horses can't catch a cold and horse riding this Saturday is what's keeping my sponge brain together. Others would say it's Jesus :)

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