Sunday, January 18, 2009

A better explanation

I've recently started doing the Kairos Course. As is the case with most things, the decision to join up was made impromptu, on a full stomach followed by promises of chocolate; not that the two were directly linked but favourable circumstances did play a part in swaying me to say, "I'll give it a go."

Admittedly, I'm a pessimist (it helps when one is looking for loopholes in legislation) and especially tread warily in the unknown, so the first session was spent scrutinising the passages and Bible verses and making sure nothing heretical screamed, "Red Alert!" at me. To be honest, I know the person running the course and frankly I shouldn't have had any reason to be paranoid but regardless of how well I know (or don't know someone) God's word spoken (through speakers, writers etc) must always be weighed against... well... God's word. Actually, the last time I heard one of the speakers on the Kairos programme preach was when I was a teen and not very interested in sermons at all.

Much I have missed! Good speakers are hard to find and faithful speakers, willing to preach against the grain of conventional Christian thought, even harder.

So far, I would highly recommend the course to be run in your own church. However, it does require dedication twice weekly for about 4 weeks, as the impact of the course is not strictly academical and the aim of the course cannot be achieved in D-I-Y study. To some it will completely change your mindset, whilst to others, it will help to enhance and make more coherent any conception, idea or venture of 'mission work' one might already have. God's word however, is always fresh, always renews and always reveals no matter how well we assume we know it (if we even dare make such an assumption).

As part of the programme, we are divided into groups based on different religious blocs over which we are to lead prayer for. Some over-analytical side of me wondered if I had been put in the Hindu bloc because I had told one of the facilitators that I had no intention of going to India. Rather tongue-in-cheek, I say this.

The very fact that I have said, "I have no intention..." means that in the next year or so, I will probably write an entry entitled, 'God's Sense of Humour.' Great. Must start learning Tamil or Hindi and eat more chili.

Kairos has definitely helped me out in one way though; tomorrow I teach my Sunday School about Abraham offering Isaac on Mount Moriah. It will prove a much more Christ-centered study to show that Isaac typified Christ, the ultimate promised offspring, offered as a living sacrifice to redeem us from our sin than it would to try to explain to the children why it was ok for Abraham to nearly kill his own son 'just because God said so.'

Just for those who don't know, Isaac wasn't killed and God is not a megalomaniac.

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