Monday, November 10, 2008

Pig's tail soup

I'm tired.

I haven't been getting enough restful sleep lately.

Take last night for instance.

I dreamt that the friend I wanted to talk to had just arrived at the airport and was too tired to talk to me.

Then I dreamt that I was on my way to catch a train and was stopped by an annoying lady who grabbed my bag in a most unnecessary way. I tried to tell her that I had paid for my ticket in advance but she would have none of it. I bet she was one of those people who thought she could throw her weight around just because she's insecure. Just as I was about to pull my bag away from her grip and make a dash for the train, I woke up.

Am still cross at lady in my dream and am feeling tired and want my mum's pig's tail soup with sesame oil and extra boiled peanuts.

1 comment:

badaq said...

pig tail soup? sounds like koay chap to me hehehe..