Monday, October 27, 2008


Picked up 2 books on Tax Law today. Hopefully it'll help me score should any Tax trivia come my way. Oh, and it'll be useful for work too and to evade avoid mitigate my tax payments.

Watched Bangkok Dangerous with John T, John C and KJ. It was labelled 18PL but for a 'PL' it was disappointing. I wonder what that says about the kind of violence I am used to expecting or worse, expect.

Don't eat from the Claypot stall on the 3rd floor of Midvalley. All I got for my claypot noodle dish today was a lump of dark conflour syrup. Put it in the sun a while longer and you'll probably get industrial strength adhesive. Yuck. KJ reintroduced me to D'lish. Go try their caramel slice; Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

Feeling moody. Maybe it's because am waiting for extra large pizza and Vanessa is beep-bopping gothic Christmas songs in the background...

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