Monday, September 29, 2008

The tenacity of a shopaholic

As Phua Chu Kang would say, "Don't play play ar..."

In my carefully laid out plans, I saw myself buying a pair of army trousers before heading to church to work. Murphy struck today, having being weighed down by other issues namely getting obese during the festive season.

Just as I exited the train station closest to my destination, the sky opened and poured down its contents on poor passers-by without umbrellas including yours truly. I paced up and down under a concrete bridge which held up the train tracks, gazing longingly in the direction of my army apparel. In the end, I chose to brave the patter and walked purposefully towards the little shop.

Given the picture I had in my mind about what I wanted to look like, there really was only ONE pair of slacks I could have gone for (as the little tent-shop was out of stock) but the shopper in me toyed around whilst hoping for inspiration which would allow me to pick up another pair justifiably. As I was browsing, the tent began to flood.

No way. I thought. I was dripping wet as it was and as if that weren't enough, now my shoes and socks would be sodden as well. I tried nipping here and there to avoid the water but Moses wasn't around to part it so I stood ankle deep in drain water looking through the wares. Finally, I decided that I would just go for it and asked for the price. Obstacle number 2.

The vendor put down his price of RM89 which was about RM60 more than what I wanted to hear. So I haggled.

I begged.

I looked at him beseechingly through my wet locks and dripping scarf.

I told him that I had run in the rain just to buy from his shop and that if he gave me a good deal I would return and buy more.

I said that I had been eyeing my army gear for a month and stopped short of wailing my woes to him.

We bargained.

I now have a pair of army trousers for RM38. Now I have to go home and hope they fit!

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sophie said...

What the heck! RM89 to RM 38?!?! Next time I am in Malaysia can I bring you shopping? =)