Monday, September 22, 2008

Riding high

Whats better than passing the Bar? Yes, BETTER than passing the Bar...

Finding 7 books at a jumble sale totaling RM16.50. I nearly went into hysterics. Thank goodness there wasn't anyone to see me turn into a psychotic mess.

Picture of Dorian Grey - RM2.50 (I actually have another one in Kuching but one can never have too many copies of anything worth reading).

Anne of Ingleside (from the Anne of Green Gables series) - RM2.50

Bill Bryson; Notes from a Small Island - RM2.50

The Memory Keeper's Daughter - RM3.00

Quiver Full of Arrows - Jeffery Archer - RM2.00 (I have Jeffery Archer's entire work of short stories in one very thick book (several collections in all) but I also collect the collections themselves; 12 Red Herrings, A Twist in the Tale and To Cut a Long Story Short.

Kiss the Girls - James Patterson - RM2.00. From JP I also have Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, When the Wind Blows and Pop goes the Whistle.

Finally,the BIGGEST steal of the day was.....

Wild Swans by Jung Chang. Classic book - every person who calls himself or herself an avid reader must own it. The only copy I had before technically belongs to my mum so now I can say that I do own my own copy and for a mere RM2 (I believe it's selling in shops for at least RM40.00 minimum) it ended my book buying on a high.

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sophie said...

uhm..okay.. they're definitely superb buys but now our family has two copies of most of what you have bought and i also oscar wilde's collection of short stories which means we now have THREE copies of dorian grey. =P

come to australia.