Thursday, September 25, 2008

For old time's sake

Treats of the early 90s. Inside, one will find a toy of some sort and a few miserly nuggets of unqualified chocolate or jelly; a child's epitome of cheap thrills. As a child I thought like a child indeed! These days, when I opened the packets and peer at their dismal contents, I now understand why my mother shook her head in disbelief as I squealed like an injured pig on the days when she refused to buy me a box of Tora. Perhaps one day, these boxes will bring me a small fortune as artifacts representing social history. A child's epitome of cheap thrills.

These were the 'treasures' Ding Dang had to offer. Surprisingly, although it falls under the cheapest of the lowest category of cheap thrills, its little blue box, offers more, dime for dime, than its more popular competitor, Tora.

On the left is Tora's version of those neon plastic bangles some wear, made famous by the ironic "Make Poverty History" campaigns. I call them ironic because in the process of making history poverty, the capitalists have garnered attention for themselves and the products the go on to sell and reap at a profit that can only be described by the truly poor, as stifling. Maggie Thatcher should be so proud.

On the right is Jojo's plastic toy car that can change into half a robot (the other half has to be bought in another Jojo box). Jojo was for the 'rich kids on the block.' Those whose parents could affod them the luxury of the large purple box as other kds looked on enviously. Or maybe they just screamed louder in the shops and their parents had more face to loose.

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