Saturday, February 09, 2008

10 days of eternity

When my one-third-of-a-month holiday first started, I was fervent to the point of making travel plans to visit the moon. My idea of time and space or the continuum (if you add time to space or vice versa) had depleted even more since I started work and started relying on the most used part of my brain otherwise known as the automatic gear shift. It is now nearing the end of my 10-day holiday of supposed eternity and I have yet to see the dentist, finish my latest T-shirt design or go jogging. My guitar is in another city so I have not had time to shred it (not that I can) and I have not gone for any dance classes. On the other hand, I have met up with friends I have not seen in ages, caused several people to gain weight, made that phonecall I promised I'd make, got my right ear pierced a few more times, had 4 tins of Shandy and managed to find time to make a few strategy-based decisions about my next few months. I think deep down I'm a Republican at heart and so despite all the limelight on the Clinton-Obama race, I'm rooting for McCain, not that my vote counts, and yet until today, I have yet to register myself to vote in my homeland. The holiday has not been a total waste of time and come Monday I'll be back at my desk job.