Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What to do? What to do?

Several things are running through my mind; let my enlighten you, although after reading the things running through my mind, you might rather not want to be enlightened or find my mind a very strange or dull place to be.

1. My law exam is in two and a half months. I dreamt that I passed which, is generally a bad thing. If I think the paper was too easy, it is usually because I have not answered the question and if one has not answered the question, one usually fails. If however, I dream that my paper is so hard I sweat blood or that someone throws my paper into a swimming pool that suddenly appears, it is a good thing because having had those deams before, I passed.

2. My PTC exam is in 3 weeks. There's more pressure to pass it cos it is an exam about 'how well' I know God. I would humbly say I don't know God well enough at all because He is way too big to be known in this life. Does it mean I should aim to fail, ths proving that I don't really know God? No because sin does not increase grace. It's in Romans somewhere. Go read the Bible and figure it out.

Note: I do not have a problem with guy in picture, he is a friend who just so happens to look the part.

3. Where there are members of the opposite sex, therein lies the problem.

4. I needed the loo an hour ago.

5. Am wondering whether being myself is the best thing to be. On one hand it is not, that's why God is changing me, refusing to allow we to wallow in the sameness that is me. One the other hand, God created me to be me and not some part in another homogenous group of people. So what if I'm the only one who thinks horses don't smell of poo?!?! Do you think I purposely say that horses smell nice because you say they don't? I have better things to do than to disgree with you for the sake of it... like smelling horses.

6. I need to find an affordable airticket to Mongolia fast. And medical/ evacuation insurance. Else, I really might have to ride a yak across the border and get evacuated the same way. Or maybe camels will be avalaiable to me...

7. What should I do if I don't like someone? Does it matter that my liking or not liking them is unfounded? Why should I try like someone I don't like? Should I go out of my way to make myself like them? I might find that in the end I like them. What if I'm indifferent to them? Does it matter any more or less? I suppose the right thing to do would be to be nice and more than just civil. Give them an equal chance rather than a biased fail. And if I just don't want to? Can anyone blame me? Is it nothing much or am I truly being difficult? Like a child that doesn't want to share her toys, not realising the toys belong to the school.

8. I still need to use the loo.

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