Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sugar rush

1 pain au chocolat, 1 chicken pastry, 1 rootbeer, 3 bruschettas, 1 peach tart and 1 earl grey with sugar. It doesn't sound like much for a day's meal but look at the sugar content! It's no wonder by 5pm I was almost dead on my feet in lethargy. Studied 3 chapters of Civil Law. Made 'stories' with friends' names to help memorise Law.

"You know Jamie?" means UNOJME which stands for failure to file Unconditional appearance, failure to service Notice, failure to comply with O.11, r.4 RHC, Judgment in default of appearance, Misdescription which misled no one and judgment entered for Excess amount.

and for proceedings that must begin with a writ, I decided to bestow the 'honour' to Mr Blair;

Tony Finally Decides Must Pass; Action in Tort, based on Fraud, Damages for breach of duty and P.I, breach of promise of Marriage and infrigement of a Patent.

Bought a new pink highlighter. Am officially the world's most boring person. Managed to sketch a new T-shirt design behind my Law notes and thought of 3 new flavours I could experiment with should I ever get to make bruschetta again. Dad told me today that my plans for the next 5 years rests on my decisions in the next few weeks. No pressure then. He still thinks I want to live in Malaysia forever. As good as it is, and as much as I like it, apam/apong balik can't keep me here forever. If I had the resources or contacts, I'd go round the world making a documentary about food. Look me up if you're interested to fund this amazing project; QWF; Quest for Worldwide Feast. Hey Steph, wanna live together next year? Somewhere near horses would be good.

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