Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I received a marriage proposal last night. He was wearing a yellow shirt and we happened to be in a departmental store which sells hardware when we rowed. He stormed off, aimlessly weaving in and out of furniture whilst I sat swinging on one of those swings you get on porches and patios, watching and wondering why he was so silly. He then came back, apologised and asked me to marry him, which caught me completely off guard seeing as we had just rowed about some girl he happened to like and I didn't. I stared at him, not knowing what on earth to say or do. After a very long and awkward pause, I said no. Then I woke up.

I had to sleep the effects of the dream off after I woke up because it semi traumatised me; I think the effects are still quite acute seeing as I'm blogging about it. The situation was completely random seeing as the guy and I are good friends, I don't like him and I don't have any problems whatsoever with the girl in question in real life, in fact I think they're quite well suited. Regardless, I am still feeling guilty that I said no and I actually started exploring seriously whether he was a guy I could marry (not that he wants to marry me) just because my answer made me think of reasons why I said no.

After that scary dream, I dreamt that Phil Blue (who looks a little like Johnny Depp) was Captain Jack Sparrow.

So, I am NOT married or engaged (except to the CLP; we're bonded emotionally, spiritually, legally and at times physically) and for the immediate future, don't want to be.

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