Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mind the gap

My tooth extraction has left me with a small hole in my gums which, although will close up in due time, is currently causing me some problems. There is no pain or discomfort but when I eat rice (and that is often), the grains sometimes find themselves stuck in the hole and even my tongue cannot fish them out. When I am home, gargling with mouth wash usually rinses the stranded grain out but when I am out, without a clean sink in sight, I have resorted to blowing the grain out. Yes, blowing. I take a deep breath and blow the air round my mouth the way wind would swirl round in a cave. It did occur to me that I sounded even more like a horse snorting when I did that but it works if somewhat undignified!

I have found a site where I can feature my T-shirt designs to sell but I am going to go through the clauses, terms and conditions and money related issues before signing up. In the meantime, I can spend time refining and tweaking. Oh, and I need to transfer them to Adobe or Coral design or Inkscape, whatever that is. I suppose it is the art equivalent of Quark or Microsoft Publisher. At the moment the ideas are just ink on paper.

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