Saturday, May 05, 2007

Legal fancy

For no reason other than; I found this pretty and wanted to share it with you.

I found it pretty does not mean I came upon it in a pretty state and have reduced it so it's no longer pretty. It does not mean I chanced upon it and so it does not belong to me. I bought it because I thought it was pretty and unique... or so the lady who sold it to me led me to believe. That I want to share it with you does not mean I want to split ownership of it with you. Neither does it mean I am thinking of giving it to you, whether during this lifetime or after I pass into the next. Nor am I sharing the rights of the photo or the object or the right to wear the object temporarily or otherwise. It simply means I think you will appreciate the prettiness of the object.

I studied 3 chapters of law today. I now know what the prosecution is capable of and the limits to their power so that hopefully when I face one of them in court, I won't get swept away in legal jargon.

1 comment:

sophie said...

hey debs!!

it's a REALLY pretty necklace! If you come across anything like it feel free to buy it for me. =D And I will be sending mum a card after all.