Sunday, May 20, 2007

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Steph to write 10 random facts about myself.

1. I am the dream of consumerism personified (that's what Voon said today). If everyone in Malaysia was as easily persuaded to spend as I am, our economy would grow by at least 14% a year instead of 5%. That's what Voon said as well.

2. I am a hyperchondriac. Amongst the illnesses I thought I had when I was younger; diabetes, meningitis and a brain tumour.

3. I think I am taller than I actually am. I put it down to my lack of spatial awareness and larger than life expectations. It is only when I try to reach for or climb up something that I realise 4 feet and 10 inches do not bring one very far...

4. My sister and I pretend we don't like one another. Emphasis pretend. We actually think the other is fairly cool and potentially unembarrassing :p

5. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was going to escape from a wicked witch by climbing down a telephone wire which miraculously covered the 40 feet I needed to climb down.

6. I am very competitive. Except in things I'm not good at. Cos there's no point being competitive in something you'll lose in. It's bad for the ego and self esteem.

7. I am often not sure whether to challenge the price set by a taxi driver. Especially after he said one thing and charged me another. On the one hand, it's only 2 extra bucks; not worth geting harrassed over but on the other it's the principle behind it. But some people have no principles so no point arguing with them I suppose.

8. For the first 9 months in the UK I dreamt I was a kolo mee stall owner because missed it so much.

9. I've got more guy friends than girl friends. I think it's because guys think I'm 'safe' and I think they're uncomplicated and fix things. But there are certain things only girls understand and sympathise with, like the way guys refuse to ask for directions...

10. I like it when people tell me things about myself I didn't realise before. It adds depth to my perpective of character.

My turn! I think I'm meant to tag 5 people... so I tag:

Voon; we travelled across the Sarawak river in a sampan when we were 12
Michael Lim; we watched Spiderman 3 last week
Hoong Wai; we went ice skating in Broadgate
Brian King; we both applied to St Hugh's; he got in, I didn't :)
Sarah Lasung; we have sat talking til 4am on her porch

Personally, I don't think anyone will repost this. But I did because I'm not just anyone. Hee hee hee.