Sunday, May 06, 2007

Food talk

The two chocolate creations above are from

Two novelty wedding cakes; Elephants on Suitcases (above) and Noah's Ark by Imaginative Icing.

How does anyone choose a wedding cake? To some, the wedding cake has the potential to set the tone and theme of the wedding in motion. To others, it represents tradition and ritual and yet to others it is just another item on the food and beverage list to make sure one's guests are suitably full.

I like these 4 wedding cakes. If I had my way, I'd probably go for the Elephants on Suitcases design but the one drawback it has, is the absence of chocolate; it comes in either sponge or fruit, neither of which I'm too keen on. I'm a chocoholic who believes that there's no point to anything if not covered in chocolate. To have a wedding without chocolate is like having a boat without water. I know others subsitutte the euphoric qualities of chocolate with booze but I would rather reek of chocolate sweetness than alcohol.

I think the chocolate globe's quite cool; guests can walk by and break a bit off according to their fancy, instead of having to serve it to them on plates. It'll be like indulging in a very big, chocolate Easter egg.

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