Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elena Dudley, this is you!

Elena turned twenty something... yesterday. Happy birthday. Again. A bullet point tribute to you.

Was the deciding factor in helping me choose which Inns of Court to apply to; I chose Middle Temple because they had the most agreeable online vegetarian menu and I wanted Elena to come dine with me!! :D (extended list; edited)
Likes all things pink
Drinks 10 cups of tea a day (ish)
Inspired me to drink more tea in my 2 years living with her than at any other point in my life
Fantastic housemate
Has a laptop called Clive which I used regularly :p
Prays a lot (was prayer secretary for CU and woke up early to make sure people were physically fed whilst they were praying)
Lkes Haribo even though she's vegetarian
Is a Greek-Cypriat-vegetarian; you dont get many of those around
Does an amazing mushroom strogonoff
Sometimes forgets she's cutting chillies and rubs her eyes...
Plays the air guitar very well
Can sit in the 'lotus' position
Made glazed cookies in the middle of the night often
Played Fowl Words with me til 6 in the morning
Put up the Christmas tree with me in October after an all nighter of online games. Just because we could! We were drunk with sleepiness but that added to the fun.
Graduated from Kings in Theology; we graduated on the same day :)
Introduced me to tea masala and drinking tea through Fingers chocolate biscuits
Our song, if we had one, would be Alanis Morrisette's Ironic or DC Talk's Jesus Freak
Introduced me to the sounds of DC Talk
Fed me chocolate when I've run out
Names everything; our plants had names like Thegler and Mavis
Helped me carry giant frozen turkeys from Sainsbury to our house in her backpack because I needed it for Thanksgiving dinner. Twice.
Watched cheesy movies with me such as Bridget Jones' Diary and The Wedding Singer at odd hours of the night
Ate Ben and Jerry's with me
Let me sleep in her bed when I stayed over whilst she slept on an inflatable mattress that kept deflating itself!
Lets me be grumpy in the morning
Understands me in the morning even though I don't talk
Does fingerpainting and makes paper sheep as part of her job
Gave me 4 shots of Bailey's when I had a migraine
Her favourite phrases are, "You muppet!" or "You cheeky mare" or "Eargh?"
Calls me from London even though it costs a bomb
Amazingly patient
Soon to be patron of all things Nandos
Solves all problems with tea, prayer and a bath
Influenced me to say things like, "I can use long words like monochromatic and steam engine"
Jesus freak.

Elena, it has and still is awesome. I miss you loads and look forward to being housemates forever in eternity. Bring it ON! Let's give the neighbours something to really yell about.

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