Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My style of writing tends to be rhetorical cum narrative. I think. Some people write about everything, from the moment they woke up to the people they met and the include conversations they had, everyday. Not my style but in honour of those people I'll try write 'their' way although I might make a complete hash out of it. Today:

9am: Woke up. Went back to sleep.

11.30: Woke up again. Had a shower. Washed my hair (as I do everyday). Used Johnson&Johnson peach bath. Decided to wear beige Nike; sooo boring. I wore beige yesterday too. Slathered on sun cream. Am getting tanned. Not good. Want to appear pale and sickly rather than resonate with a healthy sun-kissed glow.

12.30 noon: Brunch. Had fried yee mee, RM4.00. Watched TV in the cafeteria; Animal Planet. Reminds me of Martin. Read a magazine I have read before.

2pm: Made my way to Starbucks to study. On the way saw a very nice dark blue BMW. Thought it was a Z4 but there was no sign of what make it was. Ordered 1 rocky road and 1 Tazo ice lemon tea. RM28 (I've rounded up the number; it was actually RM27 something). Studied Evidence Act 1950 or was it '57? It's 1950; I checked. Promised myself I would wait til 3pm before I started eating my cake to make it last. 15 minutes later I had a bite. Pretty good. Not as dry as the cakes at Secret Recipe. Forgot what collateral and corroboration meant. Texted Wai Nyan and Irene to find out.

4pm: Still studying. Sun is making shadows on my book so I take time out to draw the shadows behind my notes. If I look into the sun directly will I become blind? Am thinking about when the exams are done, I can enjoy myself. Am also thinking about dragons. Realised that the squeaking noise that was annoying me was from my legs shaking under the table.

5pm: Went to Coldstorage to buy a lot of chocolate. Went to Popular bookstore to have a read. Couldn't find any satisfactory books on horses or dragons. Decided to catch up on the latest in celebrity gossip. Went to DeliFrance, ordered Rootbeer and begin filling in mystery forms. Study a bit more. There's a woman sitting in front of me who's talking very loudly into her phone. Am slightly discouraged because I thought I could reach Hearsay by the end of the day but only managed to cover Introduction and Relevance. Never mind. I now know 100% more than whatever I knew yesterday, which was almost nothing.

7pm: Really want meat. Fried fishballs would be great. Where can I find some? Start talking to myself. None found in bakeries or 7-Eleven. I really want meat. KFC. 12 nuggets. Yum yum but now have giant hole in my pocket having spent close to 50 bucks today.

7.30: Make my way back to the flat. Halfway there, I turn back to the shops. Forgot to buy carrots for horses tomorrow. Buy 2 bags of carrots; one for Thursday, one for Friday. Eat nuggets on the way home. Am thinking whether I should be eating meat before riding my horse. They might smell the meat on my breath and wrongly assume I want to eat them.

8pm: Home. Shower. Internet. Blog. Wondering why some random person's blog is so boring... Listening to Guns and Roses.

10.30pm: Still on the Internet. Listening to Chili Peppers.

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