Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All at once

The run-up to exams are usually the most productive time in any student's life. This is not because the 'ever conscientious' student is studying, let alone revising. On the contrary, in an attempt to flee the reminder of impending exams, the student latches on almost desperately to anything other than studying and books to remind himself that he has a life outside trying to obtain a degree. Plans for the future branch into aspects as far apart from his degree as possible and he truly convinces himself that he is not suppose to be doing what he is doing.

All of a sudden, the college cafeteria is buzzing with activity; students who collectively pretend that exams are not looming round the corner sip cocoa, the silent tension of "If you don't bring up exams, neither will I" hangs dense in the air, the mutual, unannounced agreement that this bliss is but a momentary haven to escape the deafening roars of failure flash sporadically in dilated pupils joined by a tangle of nerves to hands which betray the over consumption of coffee by involuntary twitching.

Although at the back of his mind, statutes scream obscenities at him for want of attention, the student pushes them further into forced oblivion through alcohol induced frenzies, or in my case cake and rootbeer binging, and lives on in defiance. But sooner or later, the nervous energy runs low and sane logic emerges, to once more study and press on towards a goal that once pass, will seem but a distant memory and all this worrying will be laughable.

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