Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too much of a good thing

Anita and I went for our usual teh tarik at our Bangsar hang out today. For some reason, my stomach was not feeling too well yet the sight of gorgeous Indian pancakes - tose and roti telur - somehow rendered my brain incapable of registering that I was full. I only realised that I had eaten and drunk way, way too much after I arrived home and the food couldn't escape... I am not one of those people who enjoy having my head down a toilet so I try and I try to hold it back to the very, absolute, last minute. When I thought I was going to fail and let loose, my housemate, noticing that I looked rather clammy, suggested drinking Coke to ease my stomach. Coke? I was dubious but went along with the idea. Anything that can stop me from throwing up is almost always the better option. To my surprise, it worked! I drank about a tin of Coke and felt suprisingly better. Her logic was that I had eaten so much my stomach needed to let some air out; I needed burpping the way a baby is burpped after drinking milk so that it won't throw it all up again later. I have learned a valuable lesson today. Not only is Coke great for cleaning toilets, it prevents me from throwing up! I think everyone should have a tin of this wonderful, dark, carbonated beverage in their first aid kits as a medical necessity.

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