Thursday, April 19, 2007


Is it foolishness to trust in a promise alone?

Is it foolishness to accept everything at face value just because the promisor said you could trust him?

Is it foolishness to not have back up plan or to assume that one is simply not needed because you trust in the original promise so much?

It would be foolish if it were anyone else but we can trust in God's promises?

Can we hinge our whole life on the life, death and resurrection of one man?

Should we really see all the world has to offer us; money, status, power, even friendships, respect and feel good feelings, as loss?

Is it all foolishness? I know it's not but don't know how to expand this post without giving away things I don't want others to know because I've not completely thought them through yet.

Anyway, a year ago I was branded an ENTJ but today I'm an ENFP. What happened??

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