Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Are expectations a good thing? Should anyone have expectations for themselves? Or for others? Or about others? What are expectations? Are they just dreams? Wishes? Or a felt right for such-and-such to be done? Why do we have expectations? Why is it when we build expectations on things we know are foundless, we still end up angry when those expectations aren't fulfilled? Why is it that having expectations inevitably mean having to face disappointment? Even when we expect to be disappointed, we end up disappointed that we were disappointed. Does this have anything to do with Disney cartoons? Are we expecting the unexpected? So then when the unexpected doesn't happen, we feel let down because only the expected happened. No Fairy Godmother in a blue bedsheet going, "Bibedi babedi boo." No secret spells of transformation or redemption. No star dust that allows us to fly out of the window without ending up a puddle of brains and guts.

Maybe the way forward is to put all expectations aside and just 'go for it'. Don't expect people to tell you things you hope they'll tell you. Just ask them. Don't expect it not to rain on your new suede shoes. Bring an umbrella. Don't expect life to unfold like a perfectly edited movie. Make it unfold the way you want it to. Don't wait for people to ask you to do this and that so that you feel appreciated. Just do it and be humble when you are appreciated. If you want pizza, don't expect your friends to know it telepathically. Tell them or better yet, get your own. Don't wait for the economy to come down before buying your favourite perfume. Go out and buy it and use it as often as you want. Don't expect a tooth cavity to disappear. Take steps to eradicate the problem. Perhaps expectations are only a let down when we expect expectations to reach the expectations we set out before, without needing to lift a finger to bring about those pre-set expectations.

Don't expect the worst unless the worst is not just what you expect, but what you want to expect.

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