Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Bugatti Veyron 16.4

I started studying yesterday for my law exam which rears its ugly head in mid July. To those who know me, that might seem a tad early; my study schedule usually starts a week before exams. However, my law lecturers are of the opinon that if half the syllabus is not already lodged permanently in my head by last January, I don't have a chance in hell of succeeding. I try to ignore their age old wisdom but having said that, to let nothing distract me from here on. 15 minutes into studying, my tummy grumbled so I had a little snack of sunflower seeds and a chocolate bar. Went back to studying... for all of 10 minutes before my housemate appeared at the dining table for dinner and started asking me questions about my course (questions she never asked before because she never saw me study). So I explained to her the complexities behind drafting a statement of claim, the numerous session and high courts I had to memorise and the reason behind why statement of claims were so long (it is because we want to milk the opposite party for all it's worth). After all that explanation, it was time for my dinner so steak and broccoli it was. Just as my dinner was ready to eat, Elena rang all the way from London to wish me a very happy birthday. After half and hour of shrieking, catching up and talking about astigmatism, I said goodbye and started on my dinner. By the time dinner was done I was very sleepy. Not only am I a slow eater, I decided to surf the net whilst eating to kll two birds with one stone. However, it only served to slow my chewing mechanism down to a stalk of broccoli or a square inch of cow every 15 minutes... Although I'm usually nocturnal, getting up at 7am yesterday instead of my usual 2pm, meant I was running on 7 hours less sleep.

Today, after about 12 hours sleep, I thought I'd pick up where where I left off. First things first though; I had brunch. Brunch was followed closely by dessert and Grey's Anatomy. after Grey's Anatomy came the promise of Top Gear, which I am watching now, whilst trying to explain why, almost 24 hours after I started studying, I am still only a few pages into Criminal Law. Tonight I'll be at church, which I will be hopefully just in time for, seeing as Top Gear ends at 4 and I still need a shower. Church will be followed by tea which will then be follwed by dinner and I'll be home about half ten in time for more internet.... or studying.

Memo to myself, if ever possible, I must at least sit as a passenger in a Bugatti Veyron 16.4, 1000 hbp.

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