Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Deborah's choice

My current 'favourite' chocolate bar is Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter, emphasis peanut butter!! However, the only reason it became my favourite, was because for almost 5 years until today, my previous favourite, Cadbury Picnic was not on sale in the parts of the world I happened to be in; or at least, I could not find them. Until today, the only Picnic bars I saw, were the new, 'improved' type with raisins. I dislike raisins with a vengeance especially in all things chocolate. It was with a heavy heart, I gave up looking for my beloved original Picnic bar and my world seemed without chocolate purpose. I went from chocolate to chocolate, accepting anything on offer because it didn't matter anymore; I was still grieving over my lost Picnic bar and any chocolate that followed only satisfied me temporarily...

And then one day, I discovered Kit Kat Peanut Butter. Initially I was reluctant to open my heart up to another in case it too would one day disappear but as the days turned to months and I found myself reaching once more for the familiar yellow wrapping, I thought that I could hope to have a favourite again, and so I did. Until today. The accelerated beating of my heart, the shortness of breath, the quickening of steps towards the supermarket aisle... Picnic still hit me like a ton of bricks.
So now I have a dilemma. Which do I call my favourite? My 'first love' or my 'second'? Because as impossible as it sounds I love them both in diferent ways. They provide different and varied texture flavour and excitement. I have a different history with each of them, having attached to them sentimental value of equal worth. Although Cadbury Picnic went missing in action for several years, I never gave up looking for it and yet in the meantime I developed another relationship with Kit Kat. Do I have to choose and if or when I make the choice will I regret it? Will my choice affect my character? Going for Kit Kat would make me more pro-wafer and going for Picnic would make me more pro-nut. If I gave one more, the other would automatically get less. Should I give Picnic the respect and memories it deserves without holding on to it anymore, having moved on with Kit Kat? Or should I give up Kit Kat, having being reunited with my Picnic? So many questions and the chocolates are melting...
Will I lose them both if I don't make a choice soon?

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