Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The wonder which is tofu

There are few things I cannot live without, more I should not live without and many which I would rather not live without. I think tofu finds its place in the middle category, however cooked, together with potatoes in whatever quantity, chocolate rivers, air conditioning and unlimited internet connection. Tofu is amazingly versatile and surprisingly filling. It can be deep fried, stir fried, boiled or steamed, brought together with oyster sauce, soya sauce, garlic, ginger, onion, redish, leeks, beef, chicken, pork, carrots or sesame oil until it absorbs all flavour on offer, yet retaining its originality. Serve it alone with sesame oil and soya sauce as an appetiser, as part of a stir fry or side dish or even as a main course on a sizzling plate with small cuts of beef and bombay potatoes. Some might say that tofu has no flavour or that it has no texture or that it is boring. Wrong!! There are so many different types of tofu to sample; silken tofu, egg tofu, firm tofu, Japanese tofu, fresh tofu, fried tofu, jade tofu, processed tofu and marinated tofu, all with their own taste, texture and talent. Yes, tofu has talent! Not only is tofu delicious, it is healthy! Tofu is a vital source of protein and calcium! Because protein also turns into energy, if one had more tofu, less carbohidrate based food such as rice, noodles and bread would be necessary. Also, if one is lactose intolerant, tofu is a brilliant substitute. A 2-in-1! If I were vegetarian I would eat tofu everyday (tofu and potatoes and wicked mushroom strogonoff that my ex-housemate used to make) but I don't like most vegetables hence, am not vegetarian. Tofu rocks!

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