Friday, March 02, 2007

Then and now

Victoria John and I aged 9 (above) and aged 22 (below).

I used to be so cute! What happened?? The first picture is not very clear because I tried to photograph a photo.

I am still not sure whether I like reminiscing. When the memories were only happy, it was easier but as you add years to one's life, naturally the bitter and the sweet collide to form a fusion indistinct and in need of the other and then one wonders where all the happy days have gone. The days when all I worried about was how much food my friends will have at my birthday party has since grown into worrying about how much food they will have, how to cook that food, how to present it in a way Gordon Ramsey will be proud of, how to sustain it, how to create a party atmosphere, taking into account friends' allergie, who to invite so that everyone will have a nice time without people feeling left out or cat fights ensuing, what music to play, what drinks to provide; red wine goes with red meat, white wine with poultry and rose with fish, the list is endless. Then, bedtime just meant which blanket I had to choose before I slept. Now I worry about windows being shut, doors being locked, mobiles being on the alert, laundry to do, work to seeto the next day, kettle having boiled water for the next day, bills to pay, rent to settle... I have grown up without realising it and today as I see girls and boys I still consider children worry about their body shape, what the opposite sex thinks of them and social positions, I am worried (again) that they are all growing up way too fast.

I would like to blog more about this but my fingernails are currently too long to type properly and I am listening to my all time favourite song, Beauty and the Beast.

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