Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strange dreams

From the cartoon 'Dumbo' courtesy of Google Images

There are dreams that I live out through the night and then awake, forgetting them completely. Then there are dreams where upon awakening, fill me with a sense of loss because as peculiar as the dreams played out, they offered promise and a change of perspective, not necessarily radically different from the way I see things when I am awake, but as a 2D image holds less information than a 3D one, so it appears that life, though its simple threads may form complex patterns, is not quite sufficient a medium to fully exercise our desires.

Dreams of driving an old fashioned steam engine off the tracks into a cabbage patch, finding black kittens in lettuce hearts, riding horses that bounce into the sky until you can see the landscape for miles around and your toes curl, of running away from teachers and leaping over a fence, discovering in flight that one can really fly, of being recognised yet at the same time taken advantage of by the same people you always had doubts about but could never clarify why, dreams of mixing people and places and experiences... I wonder what it would be like to live in a vacuum. Would I be able to see things more clearly when all life's particles and the things that make the world go round are hung still in suspension exposed in a form as pure as one can get, for me to investigate and prod as much as I want? Would I then be satisfied? Someone give me answers!

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