Friday, March 23, 2007


There was a time not too long ago when leaving KL as quickly as possible was foremost in my mind. How fickle one's mind can be! Yet, as it is with most things, it is not the big things that made my heart grow ever so slightly fonder of this city, but the little, not the loud, but the subtle. A taxi driver telling me he can tell I'm from Malaysia (a first in almost 6 months!), being able to take a friend's parents sight seeing even though I still consider myself a visitor in part, knowing where to go to buy what at the best price, increasing my DVD and CD collection (until recently, I had only 5 CDs and 2 DVDs to my name) and tonight, starting a new Bible study group in my home. I still think that my being in KL is only temporary but at least now better memories might form which in turn, could build me as a person.

I went to what was meant to be one of the best cake houses in KL but it was a let down in everything else but size. I wanted to buy a cake for my group but tested the product first by ordering a slice to try. A walnut, chocolate cream cake was meant to be a dream with it's three layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate cream and walnut but to my disappointment, the cake was too floury and the cream still had sugar granules I could bite into. Overall, too dry and sweet for my liking and I have a very sweet tooth! The only thing to its favour besies it's size, was the freshness of the walnuts. Needless to say, I did not buy the cake and will be very wary at what others call 'good' in the future.

Met a businesswoman and a baker today whom I hope I will meet again. There are many things I want to learn about having a business of my own involving baking and/or T-shirt designing. So far the plans have only ever been jokes between friends but I have been considering them more seriously lately. However, it will be some time yet before anything is launched. The small issue of capital and time will not be ignored.

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