Saturday, March 17, 2007


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There is a secret battle going on around the deep and dark corners of a holy place, a battle not just of brain and brawn for the expansion of a kingdom, but of restoration, of justice, of the right in this world. This mass revival however, is not of human origin. With their furry faces and black diamond eyes, an unsuspecting passer by may assume them ignorant and in need of protection when underneath their cutesy exterior lies an aggressively devious and opportunistic mind. The little critters are gunning for world domination and the only person standing in their way is another cheese lover with eyes of steel to match their carbon processed ones; Elena Dudley has declared a charter of war against the present rodent community and is rest assured she will win. But will she? Welcome to Mousewatch.


Wednesday, 14th March 2007

Casualty count:
4 fatalities
1 prisoner of war

"Speak, you mangled imbecile. Speak, I say! Tell me where they are hiding. Give me names and I'll make it fast and easy. Speak!"

The rodent squeeks in defiance and receives the punishment due.

"No cheese for 24 hours."


Thursday, 15th March 2007

Fresh casualty count:
2 dead
2 captured

The nightmare that begun continues in those dark places no one dares venture into. In a silent parish, with the smell of an odd homeless person waffing through the rafters, the revival is getting stronger beneath the floorboards as strangers mourn for martyred brothers who refused to speak even when tempted with camembert and peanut butter. Their sheer numbers make the one above, their nemesis, Ms Dudley, think this is mousey paradise but as the mice prepare for warefare, none are blissful. Food is out there in plenty, resting in a land they were made to conquer and no building manager will stop them from bursting forth to claim possession of their heritage.

A particular penchant for this stange thing the humans call Fairtrade started this asembly. No longer were they satisfied with the abundance of the sewers, instead, they scurried for the few crumbs of Brazilian Nut cookies, Divine chocolate and chocolate biscuits to share between themselves; morsels from heaven itself. But the stirring of wanting more grows inside each rodent. As they see their counterparts grab more of a good thing, jealousy and resentment fester...

In the skies above, Elena having enlisted help from alien sources, is partial to thinking that their favour to milk chocolate could very well mean that the hoard of militant mice are all female, reminiscience of the Amazonian warriors who nearly defeated Hercules, or Heracles as the Romans called him. Even worse, inside their bellies are probably scores of little warriors, compelling their mothers for more chocolate, more chocolate, more chocolate...

The sweep will begin soon until the last mouse standing will shriek in submission and return to the gutters from whence it came.

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