Thursday, March 08, 2007

More on Murphy

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It feels like it has been ages since Murphy tripped me over that book (read further down blog for details) and I am still bearing a grudge against Mr. Whatzhisname. It seems that my disdain for good, old Murph has infiltrated my brain and try as I might, I cannot forget him. He taunts me when I hit my funny bone against the wall, when I hit my hip bone against the door knob, when it rains the day I decide not to bring an umbrella out, when the one day I am rushing all taxis come to a standstill and when I sing Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' and suddenly stop, realising I am singing about myself. I am the unfortunate Queen of grudges and even hold grudges against things I have consciously forgotten about. So, I am on the war path, with a huge bone to pick with this Murphy dude. Someone once said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," a proverb I can faithfully attest to, having had it tried and tested. What the proverb does not disclose however, is that in keeping your enemies so close, you inevitably poison yourself. More Murphy's law for you...

But, in true Murphy's Law spirit, I am returning once more to my vice of keeping my enemy, Murphy himself, close. I went out and bought a book I hope will be the beginning, divulging useful and important informtion to me on how and why Murphy works the way he does. "Why The Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down; the Science of Murphy's Law" shall be my feed and fodder day and night until I am consumed with taking Murphy down and destroying him. Muahahahaha! I am an insane, uncontrollable, demolishing machine... but no one realises this because I look completely innocent, wide-eyed and gullible. Okay, I am gullible but no one need know that.

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