Monday, March 19, 2007

Mood songs, mood swings

I have increased the number of CDs in my collection, which I believe is a lyrical representaion of where I am in life and how I'm dealing with it. Actually stuff that analytical trash. I bought those CDs 'cause I thought listening to them over and over again might brainwash me into becoming something I want to be but am not quite there yet. Yet, I don't quite know what I want to be so the music gets a little mixed up. Throw in a bit of Bach with Pussycat Dolls, a bit of Craig David with Ciarra, a bit of Koda Kumi with DC Talk and a bit of Mozart with Chili Peppers and what do you get? Maybe if I go more hardcore, more avant garde, in my music, I can get to where I want to get to. Let the road make itself.

On the small matter of rodent rampage, it is the still before a storm. The humans are worried that a full-scale attack will launch and sweep them away as a squall strikes unsuspecting ships that think they are built to last. Are we sure that we are the height of evolution? The dominion of these fuzzballs have spread. Humankind, once scattered in fear are regrouping and arming themselves with years of history when the vermin was once fought off and thought to be extinguished. The assistance of pigeons may be needed. Once labelled 'flying rodents' with disgust, our winged friends may prove vital in helping us exchange location hunts, casualties and strategies without the restless underground ever knowing.

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