Friday, March 30, 2007

Horse fodder

(Editor's note: I was informed that meranti is actually a type of rare timber in Malaysia and Indonesia and not a type of bamboo as suggested below. Thanks Voon!)

I had a really good day today. Did things I really wanted to do in a while but never bothered doing. Cooked tiger prawns for lunch, travelled to the most north of KL I have ever been on a tip off chance that there might be some stables (and so horses) there, took a muddy walk by myself around a very big lake whilst taking pictures, cooked chicken feet and carrot soup for dinner because no matter how gross chicken feet sound, they taste great and finally uploaded backup software for my computer.

The horses were not very big, 12hh or under because the said stables were mainly for small children, which was slightly disappointing as I promote that size does matter, me being a very wee person myself. I took two trains and a taxi looking for the stables and found them. Shut. Still, I took the half opened door as an invite and went in to see if I could at least pet some of the animals and get answers to questions about riding lessons. A really nice, if not surprised stablehand politely answered my queries and said I could go have a look around so round I went, surprising even more workers along the way. Of all the horses, Meranti (his name derives from a type of bamboo) or Putera (prince) are the ones I want to ride. They have 3 things going for them; size (although still small), colour (they're both paints; Meranti's chesnut and white and Putera's back and white and attitude, whilst Putera was calm, Meranti was excited and restless, walking back and forth in his box constantly, like an anxious person pacing up and down. The horses probably only understood Malay so looked at me blankly and the constant buzzing of annoying flies irritated them so I couldn't touch as many as I liked but it was good enough for the day. By the time I left, I had horse fodder stuck all over me as some of the horses chuffed their food my way which then stuck onto my sunscreen lathered arms.

Besides horses, I also thought about sharks today. I was chopping the ends of the chicken feet off (so that the claws don't dig into me) when I suddenly felt slightly barbaric. Chicken feet are so soft and if you put a bit of imagination into it, don't look all that different from a very withered hand yet I wouldn't dream of chopping anyone's fingertips off! Why is it I feel, that if I gave the chicken or if the chicken had the same emotions I had, that eating chicken or eating meat would be wrong? The thought then brought me to the issue of finning; where sharks fins are cut off and the shark left to die. Most people who are against finning are against killing the shark merely for its fins yet what would the difference be, eating one part of the shark ot eating the whole shark? The shark would die anyway. Am still thinking about that. Might write more when my thoughts are organised better. Also, this constant thinking about sharks have put me off going swimming. What if they want revenge? Maybe I should just advocate vegetarianism...

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voon said...


meranti is not a type of bamboo... it's a type of tree (?).. huge huge massive expensive one for beautiful furniture.

correct me if im wrong.. anyone. hehe.