Monday, February 12, 2007

Oral work

There's something about having a very fancy toothbrush that makes one want to brush one's teeth. Or maybe that's just me. I find brushing teeth a chore. My arms get tired, I forget which side I started brushing so sometimes end up cleaning the same side twice leaving the other side untouched (gross) and once forgot to put toothpaste on and wondered why the friction felt so weird. There came a time when I needed to change my toothbrush and I was in a bit of a 'mood' so I thought I'd buy myself a fancy toothbrush to cheer myself up namely, an Oral-B Crossaction Vitalizer. I thought the toothbrush I was about to buy would cost 2.89 or something around there but it came up to 13.99. I don't know how but because an invitation to treat is not the same as an offer, technically, what the store did was not illegal and frankly, I just wanted to spend money (although I would have spent it on chocolates or Famous Amos cookies instead of a toothbrush). But hey, so far, with this new toothbrush, brushing teeth has become more like a game than a chore. There's this light green rubbery stuff on the side that massages your gums while you brush and the tip gets into those nasty slits you always try unplug with your tongue or toothpick, hairclip, whatever. So far, I'm liking my new toothbrush and maybe, although it does cost a lot more than my regular toothbrushes, I'll buy it again. The only downside is that being a very non-morning person, wanting to do as little as possible, functioning just enough to get me through whatever I need to do, I have to open my mouth slightly wider to get this toothbrush in.

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Priss said...

please tell me that was 13.99 in malaysian money and not sterling?!?!?!:O