Friday, February 02, 2007

In control, losing control

Iain and I looking like we were either drunk or had too much partying over at Phil's. Actually it was a very nice dinner of chicken stuffed with apricots, dates, nuts and thyme, wrapped in bacon served with potato gratin and kale. Absolutely YUM!

I had a dream that I completely lost control last night. I was driving an SUV (yes!!) but right from the start things went wrong. I slipped on a floor just mopped by someone just before reaching the SUV and fell down. Then I realised I had parked in a no parking line with my hazard lights on and so got fined. Then the handbrake failed and I had to keep it from sliding into a drain. Where I got the strength to do that I don't know. Then I started driving but the roads were jammed so I wasn't really cruising. I kept on thinking about something else whilst driving so had to keep pressing the foot brake really hard to avoid crashing into the car in front (which would have crashed into the car in front of it, which would have crashed into the car in front...). After a considerable amount of pressing my foot brake started to feel like it wasn't working so I had to rely on steering. Unfortunately my spatial awareness is so bad that I kept steering into other people's lanes without noticing. Made one lady crashed into another car on her right and drive on, not wanting to be caught. So hit and run it was. Nearly took a Mercedes down before a flyover. Wanted to exit left but was on the far right lane. Tried to exit anyway and caused a huge commotion. Woke up. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't drive, ever.

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