Friday, February 09, 2007

Days of the alphabet

A day - generic
B day - abbreviation for birthday, also Beyonce's new album
C day - sounds like die in Hokkien so 'die' day
D day - a day in history
E day - with globalisation escalating to scary heights, I'm sure it'll be invented soon
F day - things didn't go too F well for someone
G day - G.I Joe, G.I Jane or maybe a genetically modified day (more hours to sleep)
H day - either someone's on edge or has an edge
I day - eye care is very important
J day - street creed's jaded day
K day - everything's ok today
L day - Elle magazine would love this concept
M day - 'I am' day - just go to Harajuku, Tokyo. It's M day every weekend.
N day - wrong grammatical structure (see A day)
O day - possible brother of Odie (Garfield's dog friend)
P day - money, money, money
Q day - either a reference to snooker or the infamous 'Q' in James Bond movies
R day - the first words a pirate says when he realises he's still stuck at sea another day
S day - donkey day
T day - alternative to 'today'
U day - all for you
V day - too much money spent on too little
W day - double you, double choc chip, double pecan fudge, double serving of Belgium sauce
X day - not for children
Y day - why not?
Z day - the French way of end times; 'the Day'

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