Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Lost

Had an awful dream last night that I lost Scrabble because I didn't know whether falafel had two 'f's or one 'f' in the middle of it :( It was a very distressing time in my R.E.M - Rapid Eye Movement (the part of sleep where dreams come). Am still trying to get over it. Might be traumatised by this for the rest of my life...

New Year's Eve celebrations were moderately fun. Went to church, had dinner, watched Roger Moore do his cheesiest best, witnessed the birth of a plastic stegasaurus and watched fireworks sparkle around the Twin Towers - they didn't quite manage to go over them. The annoying thing about not having internet access at home is that when I'm buzzing in the middle of the night (I'm nocturnal), I don't have a blog to write all my thoughts on. Have now bought myself a laptop though so hours of Spider Solitaire keep my brain in tip-top, webby form.

Am feeling extremely muggy hence the spasmic thoughts. Will be in London on Wednesday. Was meant to be Saturday but I promised Jo I would be there for her birthday.

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