Monday, December 18, 2006

Supersis me!

My very smart, very hardworking sis just won a money-licious prize for being best overall student in her uni in Aussie. She is the same person who lines the family cabinet with maths trophies, science medals and straight As. She can play The Phantom of The Opera and if that's not great enough, she plays it on the violin. She's taller, slimmer, more athletic (cross country runner - wooo...) and now lives in a house with a swimming pool :P She knows how to operate an Apple Mac (to me that's huge!!!) and will probably invent her own calculator to do maths in the future or discover a new way of liver surgery. She was the one who told me, when we were kids, that when she made it big, she would buy me a yatch. I hope she remembers cos I think she's heading that way.

In all of it, it's very easy to feel slightly unimportant. Afterall, she's probably gonna be the one who sends my bro to uni, tops up my parents pension fund and drives the biggest car in the neighbourhood, not to mention owning that house with a swimming pool. Maybe I can start hinting that I want a Bull Mastiff that'll cost about RM2,000 for a vaccinated, male puppy. It's cool that she's doing so well for herself, at least it's one less person to worry about in the world and I do worry. In spite of us having been through battles known to the rest of the world as sibling rivalry (and have the scars to show), she is still my sister and although to her face I wouldn't say so, if someone did say something bad about her, the hairs on my neck would start bristling and I would turn into werewolf/ vampire, ready to rip the jugular vein, tearing tissue and bone... kay, too much gore, but you get the picture.

At this point in time, I am doing a course I don't know I'll complete, trying to win people I don't know will finish the race and wondering how to keep my slowly depleting ka-ching afloat. Maybe I was born to be an eccentric hippie, busking on the street (if only my saxophone didn't break down last night). Afterall, all famous people had one of those for a relative somewhere in their geneology, right? Am I proud of my sis? Course I am. She's worked hard and deserves her reward. I can't complain about my life either. May not be heading to a 25-foot yatch anyday soon but I have been much blessed, more than I can ever count (unlike the medals I collected in school), for things I cannot demand and do not deserve. In fact, I deserve the complete opposite! But God is gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love and I cling to that love and to the justice that follows it, because it is through His grace I am saved.

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Anonymous said...

you have over six years head start on earning money! So no excuses about not paying your part of Jo's uni fees and ma and pas pension. =P and I went for the warm up session of one cross country session before dropping out.