Tuesday, December 05, 2006


How does one explain a day that seemed to go so well until an email or letter or comment serves to remind that this world is evil, that relationships are only ever imperfect, that passion outside that for Christ is only ever destructible? Sometimes I really hate this world. I hate everything humanity stands for. I hate the hubristic nature of fools who have made themselves gods of their own lives which the more they deem wonderful, the more worthless it resonates throughout eternity. The fruitlessness, hopelessness, helplessness and futile ambition goes from pathetic and pitiable to evil, arrogant, self-absorbed and rebellious when not recognised in onesself. No little wonder that God is angry. No wonder He limited man's years, denied the ultimate fulfilment of man's ambition and man himself. With one word He wiped out the entire world except those He chose to save. Living creatures He stilled, even water and rocks, without breath in them, He destroyed. How can man know this and still think to himself, "I chose to accept Christ into my life and therefore God 'chose' me. God didn't really have any say in saving me. I chose Him therefore..." What possesses us to even consider that we can save ourselves? Human hubris.

Bla. I have no idea how God counters His wrath with His incredulous compassion and thus, passion to save us. I'd bet I'm not even close to being 0.00000001 percent as mad as He is about the state of this world.

Yet, there's so much to enjoy. Our heritage I suppose. Afterall, God did make the earth and He made it good. Problems begin when we take the earth for granted and say, "No thanks" to its maker. Brats. Childish, errant, ASBO-ridden children who would rather cower snarling than surrender and walk upright. That's us without Jesus. That's all of us.

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